Morality for Beautiful Girls (No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency)

Morality for Beautiful Girls - Alexander McCall Smith I am really enjoying this series of books. Mr Smith writes in a way that lets me see his characters and the questions they have and solve. In this volume, Mr. Matekoni (Mma Ramotswe's fiance) is acting really strange. What could cause a person to change in such a dramatic way? Mma Ramotswe is again facing new decissions and new cases. She is also having to worry about what is going wrong with her fiance. I loved the solutions that Mma Ramotswe finds to all these problems and more. Mr. Smith also involves a side story on a "wild child" that does not know how to talk or act around people. I highly recommend this series to anyone who is wanting to read something that includes different cultures and mysteries. The books also include Moral problems and solutions. I may not agree with their solutions to these, but the books do make you think about them. For example see the following excerpt from pgs 77-78"Most morality, thought Mma Ramotswe, was about doing the right thing because it had been identified as such by a long process of acceptance and observance. You simply could not create your own morality because your experience would never be enough to do so. What gives you the right to say that you know better than your ancestors? Morality is for everybody, and this means that the views of more than one person are needed to create it. That was what made the modern morality, with its emphasis on individuals and the working out of an individual position, so weak. If you gave people the chance to work out their morality, then they would work out the version which was easiest for them and which allowed them to do what suited them for as much of the time as possible. That, in Mma Ramotswe's view, was simple selfishness, whatever grand name one gave to it."I can so agree with this view of morality.