Granny Brand: Her Story

Granny Brand: Her Story - Dorothy Clarke Wilson What to say about this book. It is the story of Evelyn (Granny) Brand and her work with the hill people of India. Granny Brand and her husband started a great work of bringing Christ to the lost. They had a hard job of it because of the Caste system of India and the lost people themselves. It took 6-7 years of prayer and work before they even seen a little promise. I did have a little problem with Granny Brand. Even though she could and would forgive people in India for hurting her or her family, she had NO forgiveness for anyone else. Granny Brand also seemed to forget that there are other mission fields other than India. She would say she was leaving the decision to come back to India to her son or daughter and God, but then would tell preachers or doctors that were talking about the work in India that they WERE going to join her in India and share in the work. I felt she was not looking on it as God's work, but HER work. Granny Brand also was TOO strong willed. She wanted what she wanted, and (to my thinking) not what God may have wanted. Granny Brand also had the failing of thinking that only she could heal/work-with the people (albeit with God's help) and would push people (who also may have had a call from God) away from the work. These are all failings that anyone and I have falling to.I appreciated that Granny Brand went to tell the lost and kept her face on God, but I found myself having a hard time liking her as a person.