Still Alice

Still Alice - Lisa Genova I sat down to read this book and could literally not put it down. It was emotional and moving and thought provoking. I had an Aunt who went through early onset Alzheimers. It does run in her family. Her sister had it, her mother had it, and more... This book reminded me of what she and my Uncle went through. My Uncle had tried to see if he could have her live her life (when it got bad) in a nursing home. The state said (because he couldn't afford it) that he would have to divorce her and sell their house and split with her (to pay the bill). My Uncle decided to take care of her at home and hired someone to come during the day while he was at work. Till her death, she still somehow recognized my Uncle. I am so thankful that they never had children. I am also worried for my mom. She is starting to show early signs of dementia. This book brought all these thoughts and feelings home to me. My problem with the book is that her symptoms are really fast. I don't think that with medication, they happen that fast.