No One Is Here Except All of Us

No One is Here Except All of Us - Ramona Ausubel I didn't really like this book. The narrative is just plain weird and is hard to understand and just the premise that an entire village just ups and "puts their heads in the sand" and ignores WWII is unbelievable. I read that the author was writing about how the Germans could just ignore what was happening and going along, but she was just too out there for me. I got a headache just trying to follow along. There was also too many squicky moments for me to ignore. Where the narrator is forced to leave her family at twelve for her Aunt (who is certifiable) and Uncle. She is forced to play like she is a baby (Aunt forces her to breast feed) and forced to grow a year every few weeks. She is then forced to marry (never specified, but I think around real age 13-14) and has children of her own. Then there is further in the book where her oldest son (4yrs) wants to breast feed (baby is under a year old) and she lets him. I can understand this situation though, because they were running and hadn't had real food.