The Bridge of San Luis Rey (Perennial Classics)

The Bridge of San Luis Rey - Thornton Wilder [b:The Bridge of San Luis Rey|92508|The Bridge of San Luis Rey|Thornton Wilder||3128581] was such a touching book. The book starts out with this "rope" bridge breaking and 5 people dropping to their deaths. This was witnessed by a priest named Br. Juniper.Br. Juniper wanted to scientifically prove that nothing just happens. That it is all G-d's will. I do believe this, but I don't believe that Wilder's Juniper really proved it in the book. I loved the stories though. All the characters stories, though never interacting, had a theme running and bringing them together. One women has a companion. (both died on the bridge) This companion grew up in an orphanage and was being groomed to become the next Abbess. One of the men on the bridge also grew up in the same orphanage with his twin brother. Another older gentleman was the "Uncle" to an actress who was known to the twin brother. The Uncle had the son of the actress with him. So their lives though never interacting in person did interact by their stories. We learn that even though love wasn't visible in some lives, that love kept their memories alive in their friends and family.