The Wolf Gift

The Wolf Gift - Anne Rice Well, I have finally finished this book. What can I say about it. My thoughts are whirling around and I am having troubles putting them to paper. I think I will start on what the book is about."A young reporter on assignment from the San Francisco Observer. . . an older woman, welcoming him into her magnificent, historic family home that he has been sent to write about and that she must sell with some urgency . . . A chance encounter between two unlikely people . . . an idyllic night—shattered by horrific unimaginable violence. . .The young man inexplicably attacked—bitten—by a beast he cannot see in the rural darkness . . . A violent episode that sets in motion a terrifying yet seductive transformation as the young man, caught between ecstasy and horror, between embracing who he is evolving into and fearing who—what—he will become, soon experiences the thrill of the wolf gift." GoodreadsI had heard rumors that Anne Rice had returned to her childhood beliefs and to the Catholic Church. If she has, you could not tell it by reading this book. While the Catholic religion is included, Ms. Rice "seems" to be questioning if there is a God or gods or not. I myself am a Christian and have NO doubts that there is a God and that he loves ALL humans. This all said, I surprisingly enjoyed this book. Ms. Rice had a few discrepancies in her book, but they did not detract from an interesting story. I do wish she had kept the relationships to at least a PG rating though. Reuben is very (how shall I say it?) sex driven. Reuben had relations with two different women (once while as a werewolf Double EWW) all while having a girlfriend that he claimed to love. Reuben was also always making excuses for his cheating ways.The discrepancies that jumped out at me were very important to the believability of the story. When they happened, I would be jarred and want to stop reading. Examples:1) Reuben is just 23 and he has a "Masters" degree? How did that happen?2) Reuben is a unbelievably good reporter for a major newspaper with just 6 Months working for them and only about 5-6 stories to his name?3) Reuben didn't study Journalism, or such in college, but he is a reporter right off the bat?4) Reuben is assigned to murder / kidnapping / other high profile stories routinely? 5) Even if Reuben is a boy genius (could happen), why does another character; just happen to have graduated from High School (at barely 16 years of age) and has attended college in an out of city college for 6 months already?6) No mention if Reuben or the other character are exceptions. You are left believing that this is the norm. 7) Even if all this is possible having a underage character starting a relationship with a grown man is just EWWWWWWWWWWWWW factor times 10.8) Werewolf mythology is different: No silver allergy, no full moon problems, able to will the change, etc...9) Reuben's brother is a priest and he doesn't seem to have much problems with his brother.10) Reuben is a WHINY brat! Through out the entire book.Even with all the above, I still found it a tale that was fun and interesting story.