Pretties (Uglies Trilogy)

Pretties  - Scott Westerfeld I don't understand it, but I liked this book better than the first book. In this book, Tally has become "Prettie" and is as air headed as the rest. But, David and the Smokies have a plan to help her to find her brain again. I found this book engrossing and easy to read. I loved Zane and found myself rooting for some of the characters. I felt bad for other characters such as Shay and the other Crims. I did have some problems though and these caused me to rate it as 3.5 stars. It would have easily been 4.5 if not for them. 1) is Westerfeld's casual use of Cutting, Starvation, dangerous stunts, etc... for the characters to get a rush and to feel "bubbly". He uses these devices for the characters to be able to think. 2) His characters casually use alcohol. 3) Last point is what is up with his language? bubbly? bogus? crumblies and littlies???? When did Westerfeld write these books? Sure isn't 20th-21st Century language and I don't believe a futuristic society language.