Pinocchio (Puffin Classics)

Pinocchio - Carlo Collodi, Gioia Flammenghi, E. Harden Pinocchio was written originally as a serialized (short episodic chapters) story in a children's magazine before it was published into a book. I usually do not enjoy serialized newspaper stories (such as Voltaire's Candide, Zadig and Selected Stories or Alexander Smith's 44 Scotland Street) much but I enjoyed this story. It is definitely NOT Disney's Pinocchio! Pinocchio is the story of a poor man (Geppeto) who makes a marionette named Pinocchio. Pinocchio has almost all bad traits and only general good traits. He is disobedient, selfish and is generally not a likable character. He kills the cricket because of not liking what he (the cricket) had to say and he lies, steals, and runs away at the slightest moment. The book consisted of him getting into one problem after another and this is because he refused to listen to anyone who tried to help him. Although he does not become the "perfect" boy, Pinocchio soon mends his ways and finally gets his wish to be a real boy. The book had a humor that reminded me of Alice in Wonderland but it also has the "Grim" elements that have been removed from the "Disney" versions (death, hunger, assassins, etc...) In the end, I enjoyed it and am glad that I finally read it.