Heart of Darkness

Heart of Darkness - From Goodreads: Dark allegory describes the narrator's journey up the Congo River and his meeting with, and fascination by, Mr. Kurtz, a mysterious personage who dominates the unruly inhabitants of the region... My feelings on Heart of Darkness:The book is suspense filled and very descriptive, almost too much description. Joseph Conrad really didn't leave anything to the imagination on this dark tale of Europe's Colonialism period. The tale took place in Africa, and I found it to be a good read. I did have some problems reading it. 1)I would constantly have to go back and reread what I had previously read. I was constantly "forgetting" what had happened so far. This caused me to lose my train of thought way too much. 2)There was way too much information/description going on. Mr. Conrad has a way of describing the day, the scenes, the sounds, etc... I gave it 2 of 5 because the book was just OK because of these reasons.