The First Men in the Moon

The First Men in the Moon - H.G. Wells A story where Mr. Bedford (a penniless Business man) meets a Scientist name of Dr. Cavor. Dr Cavor has invented a substance that can neutralize the effects of Gravity. Mr Bedford sees a chance to change his fortunes using this substance to travel to the Moon. While on the Moon, Mr Bedford and Dr Cavor find such strange sights as the Selenites, plants growing at alarming rates and other such awe inspiring things.While this book was written by the Author of The War of the Worlds and The Island of Dr. Moreau, this book isn't as well known. I often wondered why people were taken in by the "War of the World's" radio play, but having listened to this book I can see it. At this point of time, people didn't know what was on the Moon. It was a mysteries force that was unknown and at this time unexplored. Anything could be there. There is life on Earth, why not the moon and mars? H.G. Wells, a genius of descriptions, brings you to the moon along with his characters. You can see the Selenites, the warrens under the Moons surface, actually even breathe the thin air with Mr. Bedford and Dr Cavor. You can see Dr Cavor waving his arms around and being non-confrontational and Mr. Bedford in his antagonistic best.The last few chapters tended to drag for me, but overall a wonderful early SciFi book about space and the possibilities to be found there.