Night of the Purple Moon

Night of the Purple Moon - Scott Cramer Abby like everyone else on Earth is looking forward to seeing the comet. It will turn the light from the moon purple and the Sunsets/Sunrises would be exceptional. One problem though. The "Space Dust" that is left on the Earth killed everyone who wasn't quarantined (such as Scientists) and children who haven't reached adolescence. Abby and her brother Jordan are left to try and take care of Lisette aka Toucan. Time is running out because when children reach Adolescence they become sick and die. I loved this book. There was no objectionable language and I was overjoyed to find a book that was wholesome. I did object to children drinking beer towards the end, but they didn't have any good water and it was that or nothing. I literally didn't want to stop reading it and find myself having a hard time waiting for the sequel to this book. The characters were rich and believable and I could empathize with them. I cried when any of the characters died because they were real to me. An excellent book that I have no problems recommending to anyone.