Ready Player One

Ready Player One - Ernest Cline This was a wonderful read. Wade Watt lives in a world where humanity has lost the ability to distinguish between fact and fiction. OASIS is the virtual world that everyone wants to live in. You can make over your life, attend school and even marry in the OASIS. Problems start for our Hero when he finds the first gate to the prize. Wade is on a race to find the "egg" before everyone else, or it may be over for everyone else.This would have easily been a five star book for me except for some niggling problems. First, there was some bad language in this book. That is OK sometimes and it really doesn't detract from the overall story. I just do not really like it personally. Second, is the political agenda. This book is really preachy about how bad the world is (the atmosphere) and how bad humans are. The book instead of showing how bad it is to live all in your imagination, seems to say that it is OK and even to be preferred in some ways. There was also no solutions put forward. Thirdly, Wade is a really jaded young man. He doesn't seem to have any hope or to see any hope for humanity until the end.Except for these reasons, I really loved this book. I sat down and read it straight through in one afternoon. I also grew up in the 80's and I found the trivia really fun and it made this world come alive in so many different ways.